Showing interest in a conversation

English Speaking Topic How easy do you find it to start and to end a conversation? Do you like talking to new people? What topics do you enjoy talking about with friends? Harry Hi Tony, guess who I saw last night. Tony Who? Not Geoff? Harry No, Mr Simpson. You know, our old history teacher. […]

Speaking on the Phone

English Speaking Topic Do you use mobile phone, Skype or landline to make phone call? Do you usually receive advertisement on phone? Do you think it’s rude to advertise on phone? Listen to the conversation between Sheeree and Mr Dawson. Sheeree Good evening, can I speak to Mr Dawson? Mr Dawson Yes, speaking. Sheeree Good […]

Asking someone to explain

English Speaking Topic Asking someone to explain How often you do not understand something in a conversation? How do you feel when that happen? What do you say or do when that happens. Let’s learn some phrases to check for understanding and ask someone to explain something. A So did you call Pete about confirming […]

Ordering and Buying in English

English Speaking Topic How to order in English? And, how to buy things in English? Listen to the conversation between a woman and a the seller at the ticket counter. A Hello. Do you have any tickets left for the concert tonight? B Hmmm, let me check. Yes, there are a few tickets. A Brilliant. […]

Talking about things and stuff

English Speaking Topic A couple is choosing the a place to stay for their holiday. Listen to the conversation and learn how they talk about things. A What about this resort? There’s lots of stuff to do here. B Like what? A Organised activities during the day, beach parties or dinners at night, and courses […]

Talking about characteristics

English Speaking Topic How would you describe a person? What words would you use to describe yourself? How would other people describe you? Listen to the conversation between a man and a woman talking about the impression of the new job. A So what’s your new job like? Do you like your colleagues? B Oh, […]

Did you have a good weekend?

English Speaking Topic Talking about past actions Jane and her friend are talking about what they did on the weekend. Listen to their conversation and learn how to use the Past Simple. A Hi, Jane. How are you? B Oh, hi, Monica. I’m fine, thanks. And you? A Fine. Did you have a good weekend? B […]

This is our new house

Now you will listen to a house owner and a visitor. The house owner is showing the visitor around his new house. Listen to the conversation and find the words that say the parts of the house. Do you know any of these words? A Well, this is our new house. B Very nice. I […]

Nice to meet you

A family is moving to a new apartment. They meet their neighbor for the first time. They have the greetings and introductions to each other. Listen to the conversation and repeat. Mary David! Help me. This box is too heavy. David Just a moment, Mary. Tina Tha’t O.K., Dad. I can help Mom. David Thanks, […]

Why don’t you wear this shirt?

English Speaking Topic Why don’t you wear this shirt? Tom is having a date with Jill. They are going to a movie tonight. Tom is wondering what to wear for the movie. Bill, his friend, helps him to find a suitable shirt. Listen to their conversation and learn the colors in English. You will see […]