Here are a lot of tips and suggestions to learn English very fast.

understanding the news in English

How to understand the News in English

Do you like to stay on top of current events? Why not watch the news in English? To help you through the broadcast, check out this useful guide to newsroom lingo! This lesson will help you understand how the title of the news will tell what the content is about.   “Breaking news” When news is […]

10 things you should never say in English

10 things you should never say in English

The season for holiday gatherings is coming, but are you ready to keep the conversation going in English? As you meet and greet friends, colleagues and new acquaintances, remember that casual conversation topics in your language may not be acceptable in English. Here’s a short list of what not to say to avoid insult or […]

top 10 secrets to speaking english fluently

10 Essential Secrets to Speaking English Fluently

1. Motivation to learn If you have a motivation for learning. You will find the way to know where you’re going, how will you get there? That’s why you need realistic goals and a good plan. The best motivation for studying is for the purpose of interacting with the world. What’s your attitude toward studying? You […]

HOW do you learn English the fast and easy way?

How to learn English quickly?

Do you want to become a more confident English speakers? Do you want the ability to automatically think in English? If so, this video is for you. In this video, I am going to tell you Secret to learning Englsih Quickly and easily with: No classes No studying No memorization … That might sound impossible […]

How to learn English listening comprehension effectively

Secrets to learn English listening comprehension effectively?

Do you know that when you learn to listen to English, your Emotions is an important part to affect your learning ability? This lesson will show you how to leverage your Emotions. And we will solve some problems you may have when you listen. Why listening does not always improve your listening skill? How you […]

How to improve listening skills

10 best ways to improve listening skill

  Listening in English plays a huge part in learning any language. If you are not good at listening, your conversation will be difficult. But like most things, it is something you can improve on.   How you can improve listening effectively? The first thing to do is learn to listen actively. Learning a language is a […]

How to learn English effectively

How to learn English effectively

How quickly would you like to learn English? Students always want to learn a new language very fast. However, it is not easy to understand the usage of the language and big source of vocabulary in a short time. Fortunately, if you know how to schedule your learning, you will boost your English improvement just […]

Polite Requests in English Communication

Polite Requests in English Communication

There are many ways for you to make requests in English politely. Most of the polite requests are in the form of questions. Would you / Would you like to / Could you …? The most common polite way is to use Would you/Would you like to/Could you to ask other people to do somethings. […]

Best way to improve your speaking English

Learn to Think in English – best way to speak English fluently in 4 steps

Most students complain they cannot speak English fluently and they cannot think in English. “It’s not easy!” “I don’t have enough English words to speak!” “I always think in my native language then translate.” Many advanced students also translate from their native language before speaking English, but they do it very fast. However, if you […]