Build your vocabulary

In the first part of this lesson, we will focus on the vocabulary about places. The places will be described by a picture. After you see the words, listen and repeat with the audio.


a hospital Vocabulary-Hospital
a post office vocabulary-post-office
a bank vocabulary-bank
a school vocabulary-school
a restaurant vocabulary-restaurant
a supermarket vocabulary-supermarket
a parking lot Vocabulary-Parking-Lot


Rooms and other places
a restroom Vocabulary-Restroom
a supply room vocabulary-supply-room
a meeting room vocabulary-meeting-room
a hall vocabulary-hall
an office vocabulary-blue-and-white-modern-office-interior-design
an exit vocabulary-exit_door
an entrance vocabulary-zoo-entrance


Other words
a person vocabulary-person
people vocabulary-Group-of-People
old / new vocabulary-Old-Car-New-Car


Now listen to the audio and repeat the words.