Focus on Grammar – Verb “To Be”

The Verb “to be

Structure of the verb “to be”:

Subject + to be

In Present Tense, “to be” is used as am, is and are. Let’s see the following examples.

Subject pronouns and be (Affirmative)
Singular Plural
I am American We are American
You are American (one person) You are American (more than one person)
He is American They are American
She is American
It is American

More examples

I am a student.
He is a teacher.
She is a journalist.
It is a book.
We are mechanics.
You are pilots.
They are policemen.


Contraction with “to be

I am = I’m
You are =You’re
He is = He’s
She is = She’s
|It is = It’s
They are = They’re
We are = We’re