Build your vocabulary

At the first part of the lesson, we will learn the vocabulary about clothes and color. While you learn the words, listen to the audio and repeat.





1. a shirt shirt
2. a pant  pant
3. shoes  shoes
4. a uniform  uniforms
5. a suit  suite
6. a tie  tie
7. a dress  dress
8. a skirt  skirt
9. a jacket  jacket



10. red


11. blue


12. yellow


13. white


14. black


15. green


16. orange


17. brown



Other words

18. a customer
(in red dress)
customer and salesperson
19. a salesperson
(in yellow dress)
customer and salesperson
20. a receipt receipt
21. a store store


Lesson 5 - Match the pictures and the words

Let's start the quiz!

Choose the correct word with the picture.

You will be asked 6 questions