Listening lessons from beginner level to advanced level.

What sports do you play

What sports do you like?

Listen to the conversation between Ryan and Sarah about sports. Ryan Do you go to the sports centre everyday, Sarah? Sarah No, I don’t. I go two or three times a week. Ryan What do you do there? Sarah I play volleyball and tennis, and I do judo now, too. Ryan Does Lucy have her […]


Free time activities

Listen to the activities that people do in their free time. My name’s Maria. What do I do in my free time? I go swimming and play tennis. I don’t play a musical instrument, but I listen to music. I like jazz. My name’s Dev. Free time? Let me see. I do karate and I […]

That’s life

Listen to a story. Why does Peter come The Coffee Shop?   1 Ryan Hello, Peter. How are you? Peter I’m fine, thanks. And you? Ryan Fine. Peter Is Sarah here? Ryan No, she isn’t. What’s the time? Peter It’s half past six. Ryan Yes, she usually comes in at this time.   2 Cindy […]

Everyday life

Present Simple: Statements My name’s John, and I’m a student. I go to Leeds University. I have a job, too. I work in a pub in the evening. I usually clean the tables and wash the glasses. I don’t like the job very much, but I like the money. John is a student. He goes […]

Jobs and Occupations

What’s Ligaya’s job? My name’s Ligaya Ragas and I live in Davao in the Philippines. I’m a teacher. I teach English in an elementary school. I don’t live near the school. It’s in the city centre and houses there are expensive. I travel to work everyday by jeepney (that’s a kind of bus). It takes […]

Time and Date

Listen and write the missing words. Take a pen and paper to write down your answer. I usually wake up at six o’clock on weekdays and I get up at (1) half_  past six. I always have (2) _____ first and then I have a (3) _____. I leave home at eight o’clock and I […]

Spelling in English

A customer wants to open a bank account. Listen to the conversation between the clerk and the customer, and learn how they spell their names in English. Clerk First, I need some information for the form. So, what’s your title? Is it Mister? Customer Yes, it is. Clerk And what’s your first name? Customer It’s […]

Is this Paul Smith’s office?

Listen to the following conversation between Tim, a new marketing staff and Lucy, a receptionist.   Tim Hi. Is this Paul Smith’s office? Lucy No, it isn’t. His office is over there, but, he isn’t here today. He is in Brussels. Tim What about his assistant? Lucy No, She’s in Brussels, too. They’re at a […]

Where are you from?

Listen to the conversations and learn what their nationality is. Where are you from?   1. A: Hi, I’m Hiroko. I’m from Japan. B: Pleased to meet you, Hiroko. My name’s Pedro. I’m from Spain. A: Nice to meet you, too, Pedro. 2. A: Hello. My name’s Ivana. B: Nice to meet you, Ivana. I’m […]

Learn the English number

Learn the English numbers from 1 to 100.   0  oh, zero 10 ten 20 twenty 1 one 11  eleven  30  thirty 2  two 12 twelve 40 forty 3 three 13 thirteen 50 fifty 4 four 14 fourteen 60 sixty 5 five 15 fifteen 70 seventy 6 six 16 sixteen 80 eighty 7 seven 17 […]