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learn english asking about location

How to Ask about Location

When travelling in a strange place or in another country, you may get lost and you have to find location where you want to go. In this lesson you will learn some useful expressions to ask about location. Ask about Location Where is the bank? It’s on Main Street. It’s next to the post office. It’s […]

learn english giving direction

Giving Directions

In the previous lesson, you have learnt about Asking for Direction. But what happens if someone ask you for directions. This is the lesson that gives only basic directions with phrases. Learn and do the best you can.  Questions you may hear  How do I get to Main Street? Where is the closest gas station? Can you tell me where […]

asking for directions

Asking for Directions

In this lesson, we will learn the language when you want to ask for directions. These expressions are useful for you when you get losts. Asking for directions “How do I get to your office?” “Can you tell me the best way of getting to your office?” “What’s the quickest way of getting to your […]

talking about locations

Talking about Locations

When talking about locations, we usually use the question with “Where…?”. In this lesson, we will learn the different ways to express locations and how to ask the questions with “Where”. 1. Where are the magazines? They’re in the living room, on the coffee table. 2. Where is the remote control?  It’s probably on the […]

Expressing Possibility in English

Expressing Possibility in English

How to express possibility in English speaking? When we are talking about the future, we often don’t really know what will happen. In this lesson we will learn the ways that we think have a chance of happening. 1. We can stay here for the evening. I’d rather not. It’s only a few more hours (of […]

Talking about Abilities

Talking about Abilities

In this lesson we will learn talking about abilities and how to express that you have power or skill to do something in present, past and future. 1. Can you play the piano? Yes, but not very well. 2. How about the guitar? (I can play) a little. 3. Can Billy ride a bike? No, […]

Making offers in English

Making offers in English

Similar to making requests or asking for favours, we should be polite and helpful when making offers in English conversations. Here are the common expressions to use when you offer. Can I… ? Shall I… ? Would you like … ? How about …? Let’s listen to the conversation to learn how to make offers […]

Making an Invitation

Making an Invitation

How do you invite people to do something in English? How do you respond to an invitation? What can you say to accept or refuse when someone gives you an invitation? This lesson will introduce some basic ways to make and repond to invitations. 1. Do you want to dance? No thanks. I’m kind of tired right now […]

Can you give me a towel please?

Making a Request

Making a request is funtional language in English speaking. It’s important to be polite when making a request for something or some action from other people. The way you request people to do something for you is the same as when you ask for favours. 1. Give me a paper towel. Here you are. 2. Please mail this […]

Asking for favours

Asking for Favours

We should be polite when asking for favours. In your everyday English speaking situation, you probably ask your friends, your manager or your staff to do something on their kindness or generousity. How do you ask for favours? 1. Can you help me with my math? Sure. What’s the problem? 2. Could you bring me some coffee? I’d […]