Speakings lessons from beginner to advanced level with detailed and clear explanation in each speaking situation.

Starting a Conversation in English

Starting a Conversation in English

How to start a conversation in English? You can speak English quite well. But sometimes you find that the hardest part is simply how to start a conversation. Now you can learn these expressions for starting a conversation in English in any situation – formal or informal, at work, school, or other contexts! General greetings and inquiries […]

tell a story in English

Tell a story in English

Some students think they never tell stories, but that is not true. Any time we talk about an action or an event, it is a story. If you describe a book you have read, or a movie that you have seen, that is a story too. This lesson we will learn how to tell a […]

Count noun and non count noun

Count and Non-count Nouns in Context

Count nouns can be counted as one or more. Non-count nouns cannot be counted. They usually express a group or a type. Listen to the examples below:     Non-count Nouns I’d like to buy some _________. How much do you need? Let’s see. Five ____s* should be enough. All right. Five____s of ________. Anything else? No, […]

English Conversation at Work – Negotiating a Deal

Jim: Yes. This is very important. Jim: How much will it cost if I only buy one? Jim: And if I buy two, will it be cheaper Jim: If I buy two, it will be cheaper. O.K. Thank you. Mark: Wow! It sounded like you were ordering something very important for your company. Jim: Well… […]

Presenting a Product to the Customer

Jim: Oh! Hello, Mark. Coming please. Mark: Hello. How are you today? Jim: Fine, thank you. Mark: Did you have a nice weekend? Jim: Yes, it was very nice. I spent time with my family. I took my children to a football game. Mark: Sounds like you had a nice time. I hope you are […]

English Conversation at Work – Meeting a Customer

Jim: You must be Mark Johnson? Mark: You must be Mr. Pearson? Jim: Yes. Sorry I am late. Mark: Never mind. Please sit down. Would you like something to drink? Jim: Yes. Some tea would be nice. Mark: Waitress! A cup of tea, please. So Mr. Pearson, I hear that your company is very large. […]

English Conversation at Work – First Contact with a Customer

Susan: Mark, Friday at 1 o’clock, I would like you to go with me to a seminar. Mark: Sure, no problem. Friday at 1 o’clock. Susan: Maybe you should write that on your calendar so you don’t forget. Mark: Really, no problem, I can remember. I promise. Susan: O.K. See you on Friday. Mark: O.K. […]

English Conversation at Work – First Business Meeting

Boss Thank you all for coming today. First of all, I would like you all to meet Mr. Mark Johnson. He is our new salesperson with the company. Susan: I think Mark has met everyone, oh, except for Ann. Ann: Hello, Mark. I am Ann Nice to meet you. I am a salesperson, too. Mark: […]

Job Description

English Conversation at Work – Job Description Susan: Anyway, you’ll also have a budget for your travel. We’ll pay for your gasoline and your parking. Mark: Really? Wow! I think I am going to like this job very much. Susan: Yes, there are some very nice things about this job. But you will also need […]

Talking about Responsibilities

English Conversation at Work – Responsibilities Susan: So Mark, how do you like your new job. Mark: Well, I think I like it a lot, but I don’t know much about what I will be doing. Susan: Oh! That’s no problem. I can tell you whatever you need to know. Mark: Good. What will be […]