Speakings lessons from beginner to advanced level with detailed and clear explanation in each speaking situation.

Describing People

Ways for describing people A group of words and adjectives that are used for describing people’s personality and appearance with simple example sentences. Personality and Appearance Description 1.Tell me about your father. What kind of person is he? Well, he’s very friendly, smart and funny. 2. What does he look like? He’s young, short and handsome. He […]

Talking about here and now – Present Continuous

In this lesson, we will practice to speak English on present continuous tense. Listen to the conversation and repeat.  1. What is Ms. Chan doing?  She is writing a letter.  Oh. That’s nice.  2. What is he doing?  He’s playing hockey.  That’s interesting.  3. What are you doing?  I’m reading a book.  Is it interesting? […]

Talking about Favourite Things

Each person has their own favourites. What are your favourite things? Let’s learn phrases and sentences to know what you like. 1. What is your favorite color? Purple. 2. What’s your favorite kind of music? I like pop music. 3. Favorite sport? Kung fu. 4. Do you have a lucky number? Yes. It’s eight. 5. […]

Talking about Family

Learn how to talk about your family in English. In this lesson for beginners, we cover some sample phrases and sentences for talking about your family. Introducing your family This is my mother/mom. This is my father/dad. (These are my parents) This is my wife. This is my husband. There are five people in my […]

Numbers and Counting

Learn to use numbers and counting This lesson helps you to understand how to use numbers and counting in English conversations and in various speaking situations. 1. How many fingers do you have? I have eight fingers.   2. You have eight fingers? Eight fingers and two thumbs.  3. How many brothers does Ryan have? He […]

Simple Questions

Forming the simple questions How to make simple questions. Let’s learn how you can improve your English speaking skill with simple sentences. Listen and learn with samples. Very Simple Questions – Yes/No Questions Are you from Canada? Yes, I am. Is he a doctor? No, he isn’t. Is this free? Yes, it is. Do you like […]

Simple Sentences

Simple sentences are the sentences which has subject, verb and object in a short sentence. Learn to speak English in short and simple is easy to understand. Below are the conversations in very simple sentences which is easy to learn. 1. I work in a post office. Are you a letter carrier? No, I’m a […]

Giving information

Giving information in English communication. How you have your speaking communication effectively? Let’s study this lessons to learn spoken English fluently. 1. Jeremy is from Ohio. Oh really? What part of Ohio? Columbus. 2. Kelly is a saleswoman. Is that right? What company? Microsoft. 3. He’s a university student. Oh. What university? Harvard. 4. Ronda […]

Asking for Information

Asking for information is a way to improve skills and get more the details when you are in an English conversation. Try to give smart questions.  

Classroom Questions

What is your name? My name is Robert. You can call me Bob What is it? That’s a pencil. What is that? It’s a desk. How do you say it in English? Eraser. How do you spell it? E-R-A-S-E-R Please say it again. All right. Please speak more slowly. OK. Listen carefully. I don’t understand. […]