Speakings lessons from beginner to advanced level with detailed and clear explanation in each speaking situation.

Introduce People and Things

You want to introduce a person to your another, how will you do it? Let’s focus on these statements. This is Minnie Rivers. That is Mr. Lewis. Minnie is a writer. Mr. Lewis is a barber. Gail is an artist. He is a photographer. She is a secretary. He’s a dentist. She’s a doctor. I […]

Introducing yourself

Learn to communicate in English fluently, let’s start with simple phrases. In this lesson, we will learn about introducing yourself for beginners. I’m John. I’m Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations) I’m John Kennedy. I’m Jackie O’Neill. (Use full name in business and formal situations) (It’s) nice to meet you. (It’s) nice meeting you. […]


When you first meet a person, you will┬ásay the greetings. This lesson will show different ways to say greetings to others. Let’s learn how we do it with audio explanations. Hi.Hello. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. How are you? How are you doing? How ya doing? (Informal) Fine. How about you? Okay. Thanks.