learn english talking about travel

Talking about Travel

Here you can find some questions you can ask your partner when talking about travel. Besides, you will learn some short expressions to answer the questions.   1. How do you get to work? I usually drive my car. 2. How long does it take? It takes half an hour. 3. How often do you ride the […]

talking about locations

Talking about Locations

When talking about locations, we usually use the question with “Where…?”. In this lesson, we will learn the different ways to express locations and how to ask the questions with “Where”. 1. Where are the magazines? They’re in the living room, on the coffee table. 2. Where is the remote control?  It’s probably on the […]

How to learn English listening comprehension effectively

Secrets to learn English listening comprehension effectively?

Do you know that when you learn to listen to English, your Emotions is an important part to affect your learning ability? This lesson will show you how to leverage your Emotions. And we will solve some problems you may have when you listen. Why listening does not always improve your listening skill? How you […]

Irregular Verbs in English

List of Irregular Verbs in English

Most verbs in English are regular. It means that the base verbs don’t change when we use them in past tense or past participle. Irregular verbs are those change their forms when we use them in past tense or past participle. For example: Regular verb: work – worked – worked Irregular verb: have – had […]

How to learn English effectively

How to learn English effectively

How quickly would you like to learn English? Students always want to learn a new language very fast. However, it is not easy to understand the usage of the language and big source of vocabulary in a short time. Fortunately, if you know how to schedule your learning, you will boost your English improvement just […]

10 best websites to learn English

10 Best Websites to Learn English

  There are thousands of websites on internet that give you lessons to learn English. It is very difficult to find the right ones for you at the first time. When you Google, you always get same websites that you’ve seen many times before. So, let me share with you the best websites to learn […]