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Talking about Life Events

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In this lesson, we will discuss about life events. There are many events in your life. How you can make questions to ask others about their life events and how you will give the right answers?


1. When is your birthday?December 29(th)
2. What year?That’s personal.
3. Were you born and raised here?No. I wasn’t.
4. Did Sam grow up here?Yes, he did.
5. Where did Lisa go to school?In California.
6. Which university did Rick go to?Princeton.
7. When will she graduate?Next April.
8. When did they get married?They got married in June.
9. When was your son born?Two months ago.
10. What day is your wedding anniversary?It’s July 17th
11. When did they move to Pittsburgh?Last September.
12. When did his grandfather pass away/(die)?Five years ago.   

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