The stages of writing an essay

Writing your first draft

  1. Analysing the title
  2. Collecting all the ideas you have
  3. Drawing a diagram to show which ideas and evidence to use
  4. Writing your plan
  5. Writing your first draft (first try)
  6. Analysing the first draft
  7. Feedback on your first draft
  8. Feed back on the use of language
  9. Writing final draft


Look back at the plan you have made for your essay. You are now ready to write your first draft.

You will be able to submit your first draft for feedback next week. Before that, you should write out your first draft, using your plan to remind you of your main ideas and the organisation of your essay. You can do this on paper or in a word processor, but remember to read through and check your spellings.

Next week you will submit your first draft for feedback from other learners. This should provide you with comments that you can use to improve your essay for the final draft. You will also get to see how Chaohua responded to feedback on the first draft of her essay and the improvements that she made.

Good luck!

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