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Spelling in English

A customer wants to open a bank account. Listen to the conversation between the clerk and the customer, and learn how they spell their names in English.

ClerkFirst, I need some information for the form. So, what’s your title? Is it Mister?
CustomerYes, it is.
ClerkAnd what’s your first name?
CustomerIt’s Teodor.
ClerkIs that T-H-E-O… ?
CustomerNo, it isn’t. It’s T-E-O-D-O-R. Teodor.
ClerkThank you, and what’s your surname?
CustomerIt’s Makk.
ClerkHow do you spell that, please?
CustomerIt’s M-A-double-K.
ClerkM-A-double-K. Thank you. How old are you, Mr. Makk?
CustomerI’m thirty-five.
ClerkOK. And you’re male, of course. Are you married?
CustomerI’m divorced.
ClerkWhat’s your nationality?
CustomerI’m Polish.
ClerkOK. And what do you do?
CustomerI’m a nurse.
Clerk What’s your address?
CustomerIt’s 29 Wickham Street – That’s W-I-C-K-H-A-M – Wickham Street, Bristol.
ClerkAnd what’s your postcode?
CustomerIt’s B56 7PK.
ClerkWhat’s your phone number?
CustomerIt’s 07213 893214.
ClerkAnd that’s a mobile number.
CustomerYes, it is.
Clerk What about an email address?
CustomerYes, It’s teomakk1, that’s T-E-O-M-A-K-K-1 at makk.net.
ClerkOK. Thank you. Now which…


Language Note: WH-questions with “to be”

WH-questions have the same word order as Yes/No questions.

  • Is your name Teodor? (Yes/No question)
  • What is your name? (wh-question)
  • Are you 36 years old? (Yes/No question)
  • How old are you(wh-question)
  • Is your dog over there? (Yes/No question)
  • Where is your dog(wh-question)

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