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Where are you from?

Listen to the conversations and learn what their nationality is.

Where are you from?


A: Hi, I’m Hiroko. I’m from Japan.
B: Pleased to meet you, Hiroko. My name’s Pedro. I’m from Spain.
A: Nice to meet you, too, Pedro.

A: Hello. My name’s Ivana.
B: Nice to meet you, Ivana. I’m José. Where are you from?
A: I’m from the USA. And you?
B: I’m from Brazil.

A: Hi. My name’s Sam. I’m from Britain.
B: Pleased to meet you, Sam. My name’s Olga. I’m from Russia.

A: Hello. My name’s Maria.
B: Nice to meet you, Maria. I’m Bill. Where are you from?
A: I’m from Italy. And you?
B: I’m from Australia.


Language Note – Countries

  1. Countries, nationalities and languages always start with capital letters.
    I’m from Holland.
    I’m Dutch.
    I speak German.
  2. Most countries have no article.
    I’m from France. (NOT I’m from the France)
    But we say:
    The Czech Republic, the USA

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