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Dialogue 16 – Going green



Yuki: What’s with the green shirt, Mandy?

Mandy: I’ve decided to go green! And, yes, I know that to go green doesn’t mean to wear green. I bought a new eco-friendly car.

Yuki: A new car! That’s awesome. But what makes it eco-friendly?

Mandy: It’s a hybrid, so it uses less fuel, which produces lower emissions. Lowering emissions means there is less pollution in the air from the car.

Yuki: Cool. Now I want to get one.

Now let’s review the vocabulary

The question what’s with something is an informal way of asking about something unusual or asking what the meaning of something is.

To go green means to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle by doing things such as reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible.

Eco-friendly means that something is not harmful to the environment.

A hybrid is a car with an engine that uses gasoline and another type of energy, usually electricity.

Emissions are things, such as gas, sent into the air. This word generally refers to things that can have a negative effect on humans or nature.

Pollution means substances that make land, water or air dirty and/or unsafe.

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