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Dialogue 25 – In the Yard

in the yard

Father: Today is great weather to work outdoors.

Abdul: Okay, Dad. What can I do to help?

Father: The grass is getting tall. How about you mow the lawn?

Abdul: Sure. Is the lawn mower in the shed?

Father: Yes, it is.

Abdul: What are you going to do?

Father: I’m going to plant some shrubs around the house and then fix the fence.

Abdul: Okay, I’ll help you after I finish mowing the lawn.

Now let’s review the vocabulary

Grass is a plant with narrow green leaves that grows on the ground.

When you use how about at the start of a question, it can be a way to make a suggestion.

To mow is to cut something, such as grass, with a machine.

A lawn is an outside area that is covered in grass and usually located in front of or behind a house.

A lawn mower is a machine used to cut grass on lawns.

A shed is a small building that is usually used to store things such as tools.

Shrubs are woody plants with multiple stems. Shrubs are smaller than trees.

A fence is a structure built outside, usually made of wood or metal. A fence usually either separates two areas or surrounds a single area.

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