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How to bargain in English


In this lesson you will learn how to bargain in English. Bargaining means you ask for a price of something at the shop. The seller gives you a price. You think that is expensive and you bargain for a cheaper price. Now we will listen to the conversation and learn how to bargain.

A Excuse me.
B Yes.
A Where are those lamps from?
B They’re from Turkey.
A Can I have a look?
B Yes. This one?
A No, that one. The blue one.
B It’s very nice.
A How much is it?
B It’s two hundred.
A That’s expensive. Hmm. Fifty.
B One hundred and fifty.
A Seventy-five.
B For you, a special discount. Only one hundred.
A OK. One hundred.
B It’s a very good price.

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