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What are the people wearing?

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Robin has just arrived at the party. He doesn’t know many people there. He is talking with Linda to find out who he knows.

AOh, hello, Robin. Nice to see you.
BNice to see you, too, Linda. How are you?
AFine, thanks. Anyway. Come in. Now do you know anyone here?
BNo, I… Oh, yes, I know Alan. He’s standing in front of the window. He’s wearing a yellow tie.
AYes, He’s nice. He’s talking to Trisha. She’s from Canada.
BWho’s the man behind Trisha? He’s looking at some photographs.
AThat’s Ben. He’s Trisha’s boyfriend.
BOh, OK. Is your boss here? I can’t remember his name.
BOh, yes.
AYes, he’s over there. He’s wearing a green shirt and black trousers.
BOh, yes, I see him. He’s eating a sandwich.
ANo, he isn’t eating a sandwich. That’s Colin. Carlos is drinking.
BOh, yes, OK.
AHis wife, Georgia, is here, too. She’s wearing a blue and white skirt, but I can’t see her.
BShe’s over there. She’s talking on her mobile.
AYes, that’s right. Anyway, look. Would you like …



Listen to the conversation again and write the name of the person in the photo.

What are people wearing


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  1. Carlos
  2. Colin
  3. Ben
  4. Trisha
  5. Linda
  6. Robin
  7. Alan
  8. Georgia

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