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Your English is very good


In this lesson, you will learn to introduce yourself and nationality. Listen to a conversation between a man and a woman. Pay attention to their name, their nationality and the countries that they talk about. Click on the sentence to hear the conversation sentence by sentence.

ABrad Churchill, nice to meet you.
BSue Takahashi. Nice to meet you, too.
AYour English is very good!
BThanks, but I’m from Canada.
AOh, I’m sorry. But Takahashi is a Japanese name.
BYes, my family is from Japan, but I’m Canadian.
AAh. Yes, my name’s Churchill, very English! But I’m Australian, from Sydney.
BOh, I know Sydney.
AReally? Hey, let’s go and have a coffee.
BOK, yeah



Choose the correct answer.

[rapid_quiz question=”Hello, I ______ Sarah.” answer=”‘m” options=”‘re|’m” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Liz _____ English. She’s from the USA.” answer=”isn’t” options=”aren’t|isn’t” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Is Alice a singer? Yes, ______” answer=”she is” options=”she is|is” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Are you from Saudi Arabia? No, I ______ ” answer=”‘m not” options=”‘m not|aren’t” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”They ______ in Paris on holiday.” answer=”‘re” options=”‘s|’re” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”______ a good conference?” answer=”It is” options=”It is|Is it” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”They’re from Portugal. They ______ from Brazil” answer=”aren’t” options=”‘m not|aren’t” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Where ______ Tilla and James from?” answer=”are” options=”are|is” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Are you a teacher? Yes, I ______” answer=”‘m” options=”‘m from|’m” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Is it OK? Yes, it ______” answer=”is” options=”is|’s” notes=””]

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