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IELTS Speaking Test – Family Member

Describe someone in your family who you like.

You should say:

  • How this person is related to you
  • What this person looks like
  • What kind of person he/she is
  • and explain why you like this person

Sample IELTS Speaking Response:

The person in my family I really like and also love is my mother. She is a very special person and I cannot imagine what I would be without her.

Physically, my mother is petite. She is only about 5 feet tall, and weighs about 110 pounds. She has fine, black hair and a fair complexion. One thing people often notice is that my mother always takes pride in her appearance. Even now, at the age of 80, my mother is a well dressed, well-groomed and elegant woman, with her fine choice of clothes and matching accessories, jewelry and shoes.

Intellectually, my mother always loves learning. Even after her busy day, she won’t go to bed without reading the newspaper. She was one of the few members of her family that completed university. She also has many creative and cultural interests such as literature, music and dance. Through her own enjoyment, she passed on this love of culture to all her children, including me.

Emotionally, my mother has a heart of gold. All her life, she has been ready, willing and able to help anyone who needs anything, with a smile on her face. She is of the old school – she remembers to wish friends and relatives on their birthdays and anniversaries, she attends their weddings, dinners and parties, and she visits them when they’re hurt, unwell or in mourning. In fact, my mother has always been a kind soul and people of all ages love her as soon as they meet her. I think this is because she is good-hearted from her core, and her authenticity is what everyone relates to. She has taught me the meaning of being compassionate, loving, kind, helpful, supportive and so much more. In fact, thanks to the unconditional love of both my wonderful parents, I feel I’ve been truly blessed in this lifetime.

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