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Asking for Favours

Asking for favours
Could you do me a favour please?

We should be polite when asking for favours. In your everyday English speaking situation, you probably ask your friends, your manager or your staff to do something on their kindness or generousity. How do you ask for favours?

1. Can you help me with my math?Sure. What’s the problem?
2. Could you bring me some coffee?I’d be glad to. How do you like it?
3. Would you open the car door for me?No problem. It looks like your hands are full.
4. Could I ask you a favor?It depends. What is it?


Learn more Phrases to ask for favours.

We always have to show our polite when asking for favours. For example, you need your friend to help you move a heavy table.  Start by offering him your appreciation by using the following phrases in this situation.

  • Can I ask you a favour?
  • Could you do me a favour?
  • Could I ask you to do me a favour?
  • I am wondering if I could ask you to do me a favour?
  • Could you help me moving the table?
  • Would you help me moving the table please?

Even in the situation you want to make your friend or your colleague more important, you can exaggerate the favour.

  • Could you do me a really big favour?
  • Could I ask you to do me a huge favour?

Remember to thank to the person who helps you do the your favour.

  • Thank you very much.
  • Million thanks for your help / kindness.
  • I highly appreciate your help.
  • I really owe you one.

You can make your words stronger by showing how important the favour is:

  • You’ve saved my life
  • You’re an absolute life-saver!   



1 thought on “Asking for Favours”

  1. 1)I was wondering if I could ask you a favour?
    2)Do you need me to do anything else?
    3)Is there anything else I can do to make it easier?
    4) I love your work, you are great designer and I’d love you to help me with this.
    5) I really need to finish this by tomorrow.

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