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Expressing Possibility in English

Expressing Possibility in English
Possibly, we will go by airplane.

How to express possibility in English speaking? When we are talking about the future, we often don’t really know what will happen. In this lesson we will learn the ways that we think have a chance of happening.

1. We can stay here for the evening.I’d rather not. It’s only a few more hours (of driving).
2. I may be in California next Monday.Well, let me know what you decide.
3. She might not make it to the wedding.That’s too bad. I hope she feels better soon.
4. We could go (and) see a movie.Or we could go out for ice cream.That would be fun.

Examples of Expressing Possibility

  • John may pass the exam this time.
  • May be my grandmother will travel alone.
  • Perhaps she will travel to Spain.
  • Possibly, I will buy that car.
  • It’s possible that my wife will like that car.
  • Jessica might hold the party in the garden.
  • We suppose they might invite a lot of friends to the party.
  • There’s no chance they will invite John.
  • They will invite Robert if he could come this time.

Example of Expressing Impossibility

  • No, it’s impossible swim across that river.
  • Even a good swimmer can’t possibly swim across it.
  • We  may not be able to swim across that river.
  • There’s no chance he will pass the exam.

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