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English Conversation at Work – First Business Meeting

Boss Thank you all for coming today. First of all, I would like you all to meet Mr. Mark Johnson. He is our new salesperson with the company.

Susan: I think Mark has met everyone, oh, except for Ann.

Ann: Hello, Mark. I am Ann Nice to meet you. I am a salesperson, too.

Mark: It’s nice to meet you, Ann Maybe you can help to teach me about my new job.

Ann: Sure. We can be a .team You help me, I’ll help you.

Boss: That sounds good to me, too. Now let’s talk about business. Linda, will you please take notes of our meeting for us?

Linda: Sure, I have my pen and paper ready.

Boss: Great. Please read the notes of our last meeting for us.

Linda: Okay. First, we talked about the budget for next year.

Susan: I will budget is getting smaller every year.

Linda: Second, we talked about the new products we are going to selling.

Mark: She means the new products you and I will be selling.

Linda: O.K. Third, we talked about the profits that we had last month. And fourth, we talked about the bills we had to pay.

Boss: We always have more bills than profits.

Linda: Finally, we talked about raising the cost of our new products.

Susan: I’m afraid our customers will think our product is too expensive.

Linda: Why is everyone whispering?

Boss: Sorry, Linda. O.K. We have a few things to talk about today. Susan, would you like to give your report.

Susan: Yes, thank you. I have a sales graph I would like to show everyone. This shows how well we are selling our products this year.

Susan: This line is the sales of our products. And this line is the sales of our competitors’ products.

Ann: So if that line goes up, am I doing a good job?

Susan: Exactly.

Ann: O.K. And if that line goes up, does my salary go up?

Susan: Good question, Ann. We’ll talk about that after the meeting.

Mark: Susan, do we have many competitors?

Susan: No, not really but enough to keep us busy. Anyway, good job, Ann. I’m sure you and Mark will do even better next month!

Boss: Thank you, Susan. Very good. Tom, do you have anything to tell everyone.

Tom: Yes. Don’t forget, if you want me to buy something for your office, the deadline is tomorrow.

Susan: Oh!! I need a new typewriter. Mine is broken.

Tom: O.K. No problem. If anyone wants me to buy something, tell me before the deadline.

Boss: O.K. Is that everything? O.K. I think that’s all. You can go now.

Susan: Oh, wait!! Mark has a presentation he would like to give about his new job.

Mark: Oh, yeah, O.K.

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