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First Day to Work

Mark: Hello, good morning. Do you remember me?

Secretary: Oh! Yes, you are the man who asked so many questions yesterday.

Mark: I am sorry. I was very nervous about the job interview.

Secretary: That’s O.K. I was very nervous on my job inverview, too.

Boss: Mark!! Hello. How are you this morning?

Mark: I’m fine, thank you. Mr. Wilson. And you?

Boss: I am well, too. But today I am very busy. I have reports to create and I have meetings to attend.

Boss: I think today I will not have time to take you for a tour of the office. I will ask the secretary to do that for us. O.K.?

Boss: Linda, would you take Mr. Johnson for a tour of the office, please?

Secretary: Yes, sir.

Boss: Thank you very much. Oh! Mark, would you meet me today at 1 o’clock for a business meeting, please?

Mark: Sure. No problem, Mr. Wilson. I will be there.

Boss: Thank you.

Secretary: O.K. Please come with me, Mr. Johnson.

Mark: Please call me Mark.

Secretary: O.K. Mark, this will be your desk and this is your chair. This is your telephone. These are your files.

Mark: Wow! I feel like it is my birthday.

Secretary: Well, here are some more birthday presents.

Secretary: Here are your pens and pencils, your calculator, your ruler, your sissors, your stapler.

Mark: Thanks.

Secretary: You’re welcome.

Mark: By the way, a moment ago I didn’t hear your name.

Secretary: Oh, my name is Linda. How do you do?

Mark: Yes, nice to meet you, Linda. So, do you work here everyday?

Secretary: Yes. I work here Monday to Friday.

Mark: Oh! So, you are free on Saturday and Sunday?

Secretary: Well, yes, I don’t work on Saturday or Sunday.

Mark: Neither do I! So if you have some free time, maybe we could go to see a movie and eat some dinner.

Secretary: Sure, that would be nice. Would you mind, can I ask you a question?

Mark: Sure.

Secretary: When we go and see a movie and eat dinner …

Mark: Yes …

Secretary: Would you mind if I invited my husband and three children?

Mark: Husband?? And children?? Uhh, sure, that’s fine.

Mark: So, uhh, if I need to send a fax, where is the fax machine?

Secretary: The fax machine is in here.

Mark: And what about computer?

Secretary: The computers are over there and you can use them any time.

Mark: O.K.

Secretary: Oh, Mark. I would like to introduce you to Tom Brown and Susan Davis. Tom is the Purchasing Manager, and Susan is the Marketing Supervisor.

Mark: It’s nice to meet both of you.

Tom: Thank you. It’s nice to meet you also.

Susan: You are the new employee, aren’t you?

Mark: Yes. Today is my first day.

Tom: Welcome to our company.

Susan: Yes, welcome to the company. In fact, I will be your supervisor. Linda, do you mind if I take Mr. Johnson now and talk to him about his new job?

Secretary: Not at all. I just finished giving him the company tour. Well, goodbye, Mark.

Mark: See you later, Linda

Tom: See you later.

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