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English Conversation at Work – Job Description

Susan: Anyway, you’ll also have a budget for your travel. We’ll pay for your gasoline and your parking.

Mark: Really? Wow! I think I am going to like this job very much.

Susan: Yes, there are some very nice things about this job. But you will also need to work hard everyday.

Mark: Of course!!

Susan: You should try to meet with five to ten customers every week.

Mark: Why?

Susan: That is your target for our sales staff.

Mark: Do we have a target for how many customers should buy our products?

Susan: Yes, of course.

Mark: How many?

Susan: All of them

Mark: All of …

Susan: Really, we do have goals and targets for our sales staff. But you won’t need to worried about that until after your training.

Mark: How long will my training be?

Susan: It depends on how quickly you learn.

Mark: Oh, no!

Susan: What?

Mark: If my training time depends on how quickly I learn, I could be training for 20 years.

Susan: O.K. Usually our employees train for 6 months.

Mark: That sounds like enough time.

Susan: Oh, and also you need to write a sales report for me every Monday.

Mark: O.K. What do want me to write?

Susan: You should write what customers you have met with, what products they would like to buy, and how much.

Mark: Do we have any other meetings during the week?

Susan: No, not usual. But if we do, I will send you a memo to tell you about it.

Mark: O.K. Oh! Do you have books, pamphlets, brochures about our products?

Susan: Yes, there are a few. You can work over them before our business conference at 1 o’clock.

Mark: A few?

Susan: O.K. There you are, Mark. Enjoy your morning.

Mark: Well, at least I don’t have to give a presentation about all of this today.

Susan: Oh! Mark, I forgot to tell you. Please be sure to be prepared to give a presentation before today’s meeting about what you’ve read.

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