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Asking for Details

In English there are seven Wh-questions including: What, Where, When, Who, Which, Why and How.

We use Wh-questions when we want to ask for more details. It is a kind of open question. We usually expect the other person to answer us with more information. Let’s listen and learn about how to use Wh-questions to ask for details.


Wh- Questions can be used to ask for more information:

What did you do over the weekend?

Where did you go for Spring Break?

How was your trip?

When did you get back?

What kind of things did you see?

Who did you go with?

How many people were there?

Whose car did you drive?


When asking for details about a particular item you are considering buying, you can say

Could you give me some information about this computer?

Can you give me more details about that CD player?

Could you tell me about this bookcase?

What can you tell me about these blenders?



  • Whatasking for information about something
    What is the date today?
  • Whereasking in or at what place or position
    Where does he stay?
  • Whenasking about time
    When do you go to school everyday?
  • Whoasking about person or people
    Who did you meet yesterday?
  • Which asking about choice
    Which one do you like?
  • Whyasking for reason, asking what…for
    Why do you like eating ice-cream?
  • Howasking about manner, condition and quality
    How does this work?



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