how to be the world best guest

How to be the world’s best guest

Do you want to be a sensitive, popular guest who gets invited back? Read our six top tips for being a good guest. Then learn some common phrases when you invited guests to your home. Clothes – if you are in a formal situation, dress smartly: a suit and tie for men, a long skirt […]

how to talk about your family

How to talk about your family

Talking about your family Who you think you are?¬† When you talk about your family, you will describe your family tree. Who are your grandparents, who are your ancester or who are your relatives, such as brothers or sisters, or cousins, aunts and uncles… Let’s talk about your family. Remember to think in English only […]

talking about traveling by air

Talking about Traveling by Air

Learn to think in English Travel by air is very luxury way of transportation. But it is one of the fastest ways to go from this place to another. Use these questions and phrases to discuss with your friends. Remember¬†to think in English when you talk. Have you ever traveled by airplane? _________________________ Do you […]

happy birthday

Talking about “Happy Birthday” in English

Birthday is always a memorable event in your life. Everyone has celebrated a birthday party at least once in their life time. Let’s discuss this topic. When is your birthday? Who did you invite to your most recent birthday party? What do you have for birthday? Do you receive gifts or flowers? How do you […]

Indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark

Talking about adventure in English

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is directed by Steven Spielberg. It is an American action-adventure film. It was produced in 1981. The starring in the film is Harrison Ford. Some people don’t want to lead a boring life. They want something more adventurous. Look at the poster of the film above […]

a happy family

Talking about a happy family

A lot of people want to have a happy family in their own life. Let’s learn some ways to talk about happy family. The Smith’s family has 4 people. Mr. Alan Smith Mrs. Lucy Smith Mr. Peter Smith – son Mr. Robert Smith – son Look at the photo and answer the questions. Remember to […]

Taylor Swift Blank Space

Talking about a famous person: Taylor Swift

Name: Taylor Alison Swift Date of Birth: December 13, 1989 Nationality: American Job: Singer, song writer and actress Famous Album: 1989   Taylor Swift is a very well-know singer this year. Her song “Blank Space” is a big hit. Read the information about her and answer the questions below. Remember to think in English when […]