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Talking about a happy family

a happy family

A lot of people want to have a happy family in their own life. Let’s learn some ways to talk about happy family.

The Smith’s family has 4 people.

  • Mr. Alan Smith
  • Mrs. Lucy Smith
  • Mr. Peter Smith – son
  • Mr. Robert Smith – son

Look at the photo and answer the questions. Remember to think in English when you anwer. Try not to translate. You can write down your answers on a paper.

  1. Who is the wife?
  2. Who is the husband?
  3. How many children do they have?
  4. Do they look happy?
  5. Where do you think they are now?
  6. What color of clothes they are wearing?
  7. Are they at work or on holiday?


Possible Answers – Happy Family

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