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Everyday English Conversation

During a conversation, we usually use some expressions to keep the conversation going on and not so boring. Do you know what these expressions are? Listen to the conversation below and find the expressions that make the story more interesting.

Peter Hello, Lucy. You look very smart.
Lucy Oh, hello, Peter. Thank you. Well, I’m a P.A.(*) now, you know.
Peter Oh, yes. Are you enjoying your new job?
Lucy Yes, it’s fine, thanks.
Peter I’m glad to hear that.
Lucy Well, Olive Green’s still my boss, but she’s Director for Europe now and she travels a lot. So it’s OK.
Peter That’s good. Are you on your way to The Coffee Shop?
Lucy No, I’m going to buy some shoes. What about you?
Peter I’m goding to meet Zelda for dinner.
Lucy  Zelda?
Peter She’s my ex-wife and she’s in London at the moment. She wants to talk about her plans for the future.
Lucy That sounds interesting.
Peter Yes, she’s getting married again.
Lucy Oh, really?
Peter Yes, she wants to talk about our old house in the States. She still lives there, but she wants to sell it now.
Lucy Oh, I see. And what about you, Peter? What are your plans?
Peter Well, I’d like to get married, too, but you know all about that.
Lucy Yes, Is Sarah still away?
Peter I think so.

(*) P.A. = Personal Assistant


Language Note:

Now you will learn some everyday expressions to make the conversation more interesting.

I’m glad to hear that.
(I am happy and pleased with the news and you want )

That’s good.
(use this expression when you want to compliment on something.)

That sounds interesting.
(use it when you want someone to talk more about the topic, what is more interesting.)

Oh, really?
(when you’re surprised by what someone says)

Oh, I see.
(use this when you hear something new to you and you’ve understood it.)

I think so.
(I agree or I think what has been said is true.)


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[rapid_quiz question=”Lucy doesn’t like her new job?” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Olive Green is away a lot.” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Lucy is going to work.” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Peter is going to have lunch with his ex-wife.” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Zelda lives in France.” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Lucy is going to get married again.” answer=”False” options=”True|False” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Peter wants to get married.” answer=”True” options=”True|False” notes=””]