The stages of writing an essay

Collecting all the ideas you have

  1. Analysing the title
  2. Collecting all the ideas you have
  3. Drawing a diagram to show which ideas and evidence to use
  4. Writing your plan
  5. Writing your first draft (first try)
  6. Analysing the first draft
  7. Feedback on your first draft
  8. Feed back on the use of language
  9. Writing final draft

You’ll probably have lots of ideas for your essay, but you don’t have to use them all. Instead you should identify the main ideas and focus on these.

The next step is to write down all the ideas you have which answer the question in your essay title. Think about the main ideas. You may not use all these ideas in your essay. But it’s best to note down all the main points you might include at this stage.

Look at the brainstorming of main ideas for the essay below:

The stages of writing an essay

The ideas are:

  • English is the main language internationally
  • children like learning languages
  • English is an easy language to learn
  • children learn languages more quickly than adults
  • the government wants its citizens to be more international
  • parents care about their children and want them to succeed in life.

Now write down all the main ideas which you think you might include in your essay.

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