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Introduction and Spelling

1. Listen to the conversation between Collin and Marie when they first meet each other.

CollinHi, I’m Collin.
MariePleased to meet you, Colin. My name’s Marie.
CollinNice to meet you, too, Marie. What do you do?
MarieI’m a doctor. What about you?
CollinI work for an advertising company.
MarieOh, that’s interesting.


2. Listen to another conversation between Marie and a Man. Learn how they spell their name.

MarieHello. My name’s Marie Casson.
ManSorry. What’s your surname again?
MarieIt’s Casson.
ManHow do you spell that, please?
MarieIt’s C-A-double-S-O-N.
ManOh, yes. Here’s your badge.
MarieThank you.

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