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tell a story in English

Tell a story in English

Some students think they never tell stories, but that is not true. Any time we talk about an action or an event, it is a story. If you describe a book you have read, or a movie that you have seen, that is a story too. This lesson we will learn how to tell a […]

Count noun and non count noun

Count and Non-count Nouns in Context

Count nouns can be counted as one or more. Non-count nouns cannot be counted. They usually express a group or a type. Listen to the examples below:     Non-count Nouns I’d like to buy some _________. How much do you need? Let’s see. Five ____s* should be enough. All right. Five____s of ________. Anything else? No, […]

a dish of spaghetti

How to use Measure Words

Measure words are commonly used to talk about non-count items, such as rice, water, wine, sugar. We use the measure words to say how much of the substance you are talking about. Let’s see some examples how we use measure words in English.    

Would like vs like, be like vs look like

How to understand the difference between would like and like, be like and look like. Would like vs. (Do) like What kind of food do you like? (Facts, personal preferences) I like beef, fish and apples. I like Japanese food. What kind of food would you like? (If you could choose) I would like Chinese food. What […]

how to encourage in english small

How to encourage in English

There are times when you meet someone in a happy or sad situation, and you want to encourage them. Here are phrases and useful words you may need to use to encourage people in English. Good encouragement is the biggest help in the conversation.   Expressing Goodwill . . .when someone is arriving Welcome Welcome back! Come in. It’s good […]

How to introduce other peole

Introduce other people

Practice speaking skills Introducing other people involve at least three people: A: The introducer (who knows both B and C) B: Introducee (knows A but not C) C: Introducee (knows A but not B) For Example, A: Have you two met each other before? B: No, we haven’t. A: Bean, this is Christian. Christian this is Bean. […]

telephone talk in English

Telephone Talk in English

How to make an English conversation on telephone? A lot of people find that having conversations on telephone in English are much more difficult than talking to people face to face. Some of the reason are because you cannot see their body language and expressions to guess their meaning. Or maybe you feel nervous when you […]

Making comparison in English

Making Comparisons in English

Making comparisons in English is very simple. This lesson will help you to learn some rule in an easy want to understand how to make comparisons. 1. Which sofa should we buy? This one is larger, but it is also more expensive. 2. I need a new watch. The Classie is nicer than the Timebox. […]

learn how to describe in English

How to describe in English

If you meet someone on the street, you may want to describe them later? This lesson will help you to learn phrases and vocabulary to describe people and things. If you learn to describe by phrases, you will improve your speaking and you will be able to speak English more fluently. First, you listen to the following conversation. […]

learn english talking about travel

Talking about Travel

Here you can find some questions you can ask your partner when talking about travel. Besides, you will learn some short expressions to answer the questions.   1. How do you get to work? I usually drive my car. 2. How long does it take? It takes half an hour. 3. How often do you ride the […]