How to exchange information in English

English Speaking Topic Learn to speak English and learn the ways to exchange information in English. How to share information without having cultural problems. Theo Hi, I’m Theo. You’re doing that fashion shoot with Rick, aren’t you? Katie Yes, I’m Katie. Theo I hear you used to work with Rick on some of our earlier […]

How to respond and keep the conversation going

English Speaking Topic Learn to respond in conversation with different expressions, ways to make questions and to keep the English conversation going on.   A Miserable weather, isn’t it? I was in Mallorca last week and the weather was fantastic – so hot and sunny! Not like here! B Mallorca? A Yes, I was there last […]

Starting an Informal Conversation

English Speaking Topic Nick and Becky have come to a college to enrol on an evening course in Spanish. While they are waiting to enrol, they start up a conversation. A The course looks popular, doesn’t it? B Yes, it does. Have you done Spanish before? A No, I haven’t. But I’ve just got a job […]

Best way to carry money on a travel

English Speaking Topic What’s the best way for travellers to carry money in your country? In this lesson, you will learn to use Present Perfect and Past Tense. Alex is going to Canada, and wants to know the best way to take money. Listen. What advice does Mark give her? Alex Mark, have you ever […]

Happy birthday speaking topic

Happy Birthday Lucy

English Speaking Topic It’s Lucy’s birthday today. A lot of people come to the party to celebrate her birthday. Listen to the conversation and learn how they use the Past Tense. Lucy That was a great surprise. Thank you very much, Sarah. Sarah Oh, don’t thank me. I didn’t do it. It was Jordan. Lucy Jordan!? But… […]

Agreeing, Disagreeing and Giving Opinions in English

English Speaking Topic Agreeing, Disagreeing and Giving Opinions In this lesson, you will learn some expressions of agreeing or disagreeing that are commonly used in discussions and debates. What are the two people doing? Do you think they agree or disagree each other? Do you think they are happy with the conversation? How do you expression your opinions in English? […]

What are the people wearing?

English Speaking Topic Robin has just arrived at the party. He doesn’t know many people there. He is talking with Linda to find out who he knows. A Oh, hello, Robin. Nice to see you. B Nice to see you, too, Linda. How are you? A Fine, thanks. Anyway. Come in. Now do you know […]

How to show sympathy in English

English Speaking Topic What would you say to show sympathy? How do you think they feel after the talk? When you hear someone talking about a bad news or bad experience they had in life, you can show your sympathy to him/her. Showing sympathy is to make someone feel better. Listen to the conversation and […]

Making a complaint in English

Speaking Topic Lessons Have every made a complaint in English? What was it about? How do you feel when you make a complaint? When you have a bad experience on something, you will be angry and want to make a complaint. How do you do that? Listen to the conversation and learn the way they […]

Giving advice and suggestions

English Speaking Topic Giving advice and suggestions Who do you talk to when you have problems? Do you feel better after talking to him/her? When did you last listen to a friend’s problem? Did you help him/her? Listen to the conversation. Pay attention how the man gives his advice and suggestions. A What’s up? Are […]