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Word classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc

1.Introduction Look at the different kinds of word in this sentence. I have an important conference at work tomorrow so I am rather busy. 2. What kind of word? There are eight different kinds of word in English. They are called ‘word classes’ or ‘parts of speech’. Here are some examples from conversations in the […]

How to Use the Present Continuous to Talk about the Future

alking about future plans is challenging in English because we use different verb forms and tenses. In this post you’ll learn how to talk about your plans for the weekend. You’ll learn when to use the present continuous, be going to, and will. You’ll also learn why ‘gonna’ is NOT a proper or acceptable written word! How do you answer […]

How to start an English conversation

    One of the hardest steps in learning a foreign language is finding the confidence to start a conversation. This is especially difficult when the other person is a native speaker. Here are some tips to help you break the ice. 1. Opening lines The first step is to break the ice (start the […]

How to understand the Headline in English

How to understand Headline news in English

Many students have difficulty understanding newspaper headlines. This is because newspaper headlines are often incomplete sentences (i.e. Difficult Times Ahead). Here is a guide to the most common exceptions found in newspaper headlines. Noun Phrases Headlines often contain a noun phrase with no verb. A noun phrase describes a noun (i.e. around strange, exotic people). […]

Present Tenses for the Future small

Present Tenses for the Future

  1. Use Present Continuous for Arrangements Mary Are you going anywhere this weekend? Tom Yes, I‘m going to the amusement park. My family are visiting there. I bought my ticket yesterday.   We use the Present Continuous for what someone has arranged to do in the future. In this example, Tom has arranged to go to the amusement park. […]

Talking about Occupations in English

Talking about Occupations in English

Occupation is what people do as their work to earn a living. Here are some sample phrases and sentences you can use for talking about occupations in English.   1. He works in a hospital and help people who are sick. Sometimes he gets people shot or medicine. 2. She works at school and teaches […]

Talking about Life Events

In this lesson, we will discuss about life events. There are many events in your life. How you can make questions to ask others about their life events and how you will give the right answers?   1. When is your birthday? December 29(th) 2. What year? That’s personal. 3. Were you born and raised here? […]

Talking about Favourite Things

Each person has their own favourites. What are your favourite things? Let’s learn phrases and sentences to know what you like. 1. What is your favorite color? Purple. 2. What’s your favorite kind of music? I like pop music. 3. Favorite sport? Kung fu. 4. Do you have a lucky number? Yes. It’s eight. 5. […]

Numbers and Counting

Learn to use numbers and counting This lesson helps you to understand how to use numbers and counting in English conversations and in various speaking situations. 1. How many fingers do you have? I have eight fingers.   2. You have eight fingers? Eight fingers and two thumbs.  3. How many brothers does Ryan have? He […]