Beginner English lessons that help you to learn English easily.

Talking about Occupations in English

Talking about Occupations in English

Occupation is what people do as their work to earn a living. Here are some sample phrases and sentences you can use for talking about occupations in English.   1. He works in a hospital and help people who are sick. Sometimes he gets people shot or medicine. 2. She works at school and teaches […]

Describing a picture

  In this lesson, we will learn some of our top tips for describing a picture or a photo. Look at your picture carefully and take a few moments to think before you start talking. What do you see in the picture? There is a ____ There’s a ____ There are some ____ There’re some ____ Is there a ____ ? […]

Short Questions and Answers

Short questions are very common in English speaking. In this lesson, we will practice to make short questions and short answers in different ways. Are you a doctor? Yes, I am. No, I’m a nurse. Is he from Colombia? Yes, he is No, he isn’t. No, he’s from Venezuela. Is it time to go? Yes, […]

Simple shopping

This English speaking lesson give you some idea how to make questions and answers during a shopping as well as bargaining, price and cost. 1. Where are the pencils? They’re on the second shelf. Okay, thanks. 2. How much is this mirror? It’s $19.95. Okay. I’ll take it. 3. How much does this cost? That […]

Contractions in English

When we learn English speaking, we will see some words which are written in short. Those are contractions. Contractions are often used in place of auxiliary verbs such as is, are, am, will, have, has, had, and would. See the following examples: Regular Contracted I am British. He is Chinese. They are Italians. I’m British. He’s Chinese. They’re […]

Expressing Likes and Dislikes

In this lesson, we will learn how to express likes and dislikes. Besides, we will study some vocabulary and phrases to have a good answer. 1. I like fruit. What kind? Oranges and bananas. 2. Helen likes sports. What kind of sports? Football and tennis. 3. Ms. Cramer doesn’t like coffee. Really? Does she like tea? […]

Present Perfect or Past Simple

Present Perfect and Past Simple are two confusing tenses to most of English learners. This lesson will help you to understand how to differentiate the usage of the two tenses. First, we will see the examples: 1. Present Perfect or Past Simple We‘ve won the Cup! It’s our at last! Well, we won the Cup last year. […]

Talking about Life Events

In this lesson, we will discuss about life events. There are many events in your life. How you can make questions to ask others about their life events and how you will give the right answers?   1. When is your birthday? December 29(th) 2. What year? That’s personal. 3. Were you born and raised here? […]

Talking about the Future

There are several different ways in English that you can talk about the future. This speaking lesson is an introduction to the most popular ones. 1. What will you do tomorrow? I’ll help my mom with the housework. 2. When will you finish? In the afternoon. 3. What will we do in class today? We’ll […]

Talking about Past Actions

We use the Past Simple to talk about events, states or actions that have been completed at some point in the past. The past actions can be short or long. 1. What did you do last Friday? I went to a baseball game. 2. Where did you go? I went to Detroit. 3. When did […]