45 Useful Email Expressions to improve your writing

45 Useful Email Expressions you need to know to write better emails in English. In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn common English expressions you need to know to better express yourself when writing in English.  To help you better remember, and most importantly use these useful email expressions, this lesson has been divided […]

How to speak English like native speakers

  How to sound like native English speakers? This is all about learning the real words and phrases and pronunciation that native speakers use. You’ll actually be able to understand movies and conversations and have better conversations with real native speakers in real English. We are calling this series “Speak Real English”. We’re going to […]

The Secret to Speak English Fluently and Confidently

The Secret to Fast English Fluency and Speaking Confidence The most important idea to understand about becoming a fluent English speaker – the idea that has helped countless learners around the world finally become successful, confident speakers – is that there are really two different English languages. One is the formal English used for  writing. […]

15 habits to learn English successfully

15 habits to Learn English Successfully

How to form an English-learning routine that you’ll actually stick with. 1. FORM GOALS TO LEARN ENGLISH SUCCESSFULLY A common practice in business development is to set SMART goals, or goals that are: Smart Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound Getting in the habit of setting SMART goals is critical for language learners. Learning English will take […]

10 Ways to Make More Time for Learning English

Five words I never want to hear from English learners: “I just don’t have time”. Everyone has the time to learn English, but they simply don’t know where to find it or how to make the best use of it. This article will be helpful for every English language lover find the time for learning in […]