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Jobs and Occupations

What’s Ligaya’s job?

My name’s Ligaya Ragas and I live in Davao in the Philippines. I’m a teacher. I teach English in an elementary school. I don’t live near the school. It’s in the city centre and houses there are expensive. I travel to work everyday by jeepney (that’s a kind of bus). It takes a long time because the traffic is always very bad, and in summer it’s very hot.

School starts at half past seven in the morning. I get up at quarter to five and I normally leave home at six o’clock. I walk to the main road and wait for the jeepney. I┬áfinish work at five o’clock and then I usually go home. I sometimes go shopping first.

I like my job, but I don’t earn a lot of money, and I don’t like the long journey to work everyday.

I don’t normally go to work at the weekend. On Saturday, I go shopping. On Sunday morning, I always go to church with my husband and my children. In the afternoon, we often go to the beach.



1. Are the the statement True (T) or False (F)

  1. Ligaya lives in the Philippines
  2. She teaches French.
  3. She drives to work.
  4. She doesn’t like her job
  5. She’s married.
  6. She always goes to work on Sunday.


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  1. T
  2. F
  3. F
  4. F
  5. T
  6. F



2. When does Ligaya do these things?

  1. She gets up _at quarter to five_
  2. She leaves home ____________
  3. She starts work ____________
  4. She finishes work ____________
  5. She goes shopping ____________
  6. She goes to church ____________
  7. She goes to the beach ____________


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  1. She gets up _at quarter to five_
  2. She leaves home __at six__
  3. She starts work __at half past seven_
  4. She finishes work __at five__
  5. She goes shopping __on Saturday_
  6. She goes to church __on Sunday_
  7. She goes to the beach _on Sunday afternoon_




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