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That’s life

Listen to a story. Why does Peter come The Coffee Shop?


RyanHello, Peter. How are you?
PeterI’m fine, thanks. And you?
PeterIs Sarah here?
RyanNo, she isn’t. What’s the time?
PeterIt’s half past six.
RyanYes, she usually comes in at this time.


CindySarah? She does judo on Tuesday evening now.
RyanJudo? Wow, she really likes her sport.
PeterYes, I know. She goes jogging every day and she always plays tennis at the weekend.
RyanAnd now she does judo, too. Anyway, would you like a cup of coffee, Peter?
PeterOh, er … no, thanks. I can’t stop. See you.


RyanThat’s funny. Peter comes into The Coffee Shop, but he doesn’t want a cup of coffee.
CindyWell, he wants to see Sarah, but she isn’t here.
RyanOh, right.
CindyI think he fancies her.
RyanWhat? Peter fancies Sarah? Really?
CindyYes, it’s obvious.
RyanIs it?


CindyMen! You never notice anything.


Do the Exercise

Choose the correct answers.

  1. It’s 6.30/7.30 in the evening.
  2. It’s Monday/Tuesday.
  3. Sarah is at the café/sport center.
  4. She does judo/play tennis on Tuesday.
  5. Peter has/doesn’t have a cup of coffee.
  6. Cindy thinks that Peter fancies/doesn’t like Sarah.


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Click here to see the answers

  1. It’s 6.30 in the evening.
  2. It’s Tuesday.
  3. Sarah is at the sport center.
  4. She does judo on Tuesday.
  5. Peter doesn’t have a cup of coffee.
  6. Cindy thinks that Peter fancies Sarah.


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