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What sports do you like?

Listen to the conversation between Ryan and Sarah about sports.

RyanDo you go to the sports centre everyday, Sarah?
SarahNo, I don’t. I go two or three times a week.
RyanWhat do you do there?
SarahI play volleyball and tennis, and I do judo now, too.
RyanDoes Lucy have her yoga class there?
SarahYes, she does. And do you like sport, Ryan?
RyanYes, I do. I love it.
SarahReally? What sports do you like?
RyanOh, I like football, tennis, basketball…


Language Notes

Present Simple: Questions and Short answers
Do you go to the gym?Yes, I do.
Do they like sport?No, they don’t.
Does he play the piano?Yes, he does.
Does she go jogging?No, she doesn’t.


Present Simple: Wh-questions
What books do you read?I read Sherlock Homes and Gone with the wind.
Where does he play football?He plays football at the Stadium.

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