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6 expressions to offer help in English

How to offer help in English

When you want to offer help, how do you make your offer in English? It’s very common for English speakers to offer help in the conversation just to be polite and helpful. So there are some certain expressions that we use in order to make your offer. And what exact expressions are used? It’s always nice to offer help, right? A lot of English learners get a little nervous to open their mouth when they want to help. So I’m sure these expressions are really helpful to you.

Let’s have a look at some expressions:

Can I …?

When you start making your offer, you might say “Can I …?”. “Can I…?” is always a good choice of expression, especially when you are in a social situation. Like when you are in a party or you have guests at home.

Shall I…?

You can begin to make your offer by using the phrase “Shall I…?”. This is a pretty formal way of speaking. You can use this phrase when you are at work, at school or at any formal places.

Would you like …?

You can offer help in another formal way by using the phrase “Would you like…?”.

Do you want me to…?

There are times, you are not sure if your help would be welcome. With a nice heart, you do make an offer. However, you are not sure if the other person is really happy. In that case you can say:

After making the offer, you wait for the answer. Don’t go ahead and start helping. Just wait for an answer. If your offer is welcome, then go ahead and help them. But if someone refuses your help, don’t worry about it.

I’d be glad to help…

What you use the phrase “I’d be glad to help…”, it means that you are really happy to help, you are very excited. And you are very positive that your offer would definitely be helpful, and will be happily accepted by the other person. So you just say:

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Accept offers

There are situations you accept offers or decline offers. When you are at the other end, someone is asking if he/she can help you. How do you accept it? Or, how do you decline it?

Here are some phrases that you can use to respond to any offers. If someone asks you politely, you might say “Yes, please. I’d like to / I’d love to”.

A: Would you like to have a coffee?
B: Oh, yes please. I’d love to.

When you are at work and your colleague comes up to you and offer help. And you are happy that he/she is ready to assist you with the work. You don’t want to show on your face that you are very excited about their help. The best way to accept the offer by saying:

A: Shall I take care of these files?
B: If you wouldn’t mind.

You are at a party and someone offers you a drink. You can say thank you and show that you are excited about their help.

A: Would you like to have another piece of cake?
B: Thank you. That would be great.

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Decline offers

There are times you really don’t want any help, how do you decline the offer made?

When you want to decline the offers without saying something very rude like “No. I’ll manage.”. You might say:

A: Would you like me to help you with this?
B: It’s OK. I can do it myself.

When you are at a shopping mall, you are looking to buy something. A staff in the store comes up and offer a help.

A: Are you looking for something? Do you need my help?
B: Don’t worry. I’ll do it.

The simplest way to decline the offers is to say: “No, thank you.”

A: Would you like to drink some tea?
B: No, thank you.

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