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Benefits of Grammar to improve your English Fluency

Benefits of Grammar to improve your English Fluency

When you start learning English, you will learn some basic grammar right on the first lesson. This is very much necessary for you to understand the structure of English. But sometimes you would ask yourself some strange questions like.

  • Why do I need to learn English Grammar?
  • How can I use English Grammar to learn English?

To answer your questions if we should or should not pay attention to grammar at all, we will discuss it here.


What are benefits of Grammar

You know grammar, that means, you know how to put words together in a sensible order and add the right endings. Whether or not you’ve ever opened a grammar book, you know how to produce combinations of sounds and letters that others can understand. After all, English was used for a thousand years before the first grammar books ever appeared.

But how much do you know about grammar? And, really, What benefits you will have from learning Grammar?


Grammar improves your Listening and Speaking skills

Knowing Grammar helps us to easier in communicating. For example, imagine you have a job interview, you need to talk about your past job experience. We apply the rules for Present Perfect tense. Because you talk about experience.

When you meet a new person, you talk with them about yourself, you apply the present simple tense to talk about facts and regular habits. It is clearly that the verbal clauses and adjective clauses help us enrich our sentences and add more information. Meanwhile, grammar rules help you to make your communication to appear coherent and more logic.

English speakers tend to speak very fast with a lot of short forms and silent sounds. Knowing grammar helps you to catch these short forms and silent sounds by guessing the idea what the speak want to say.


Grammar improves your Reading and Writing skills

Knowing basic grammar is important in order to be able to analyze and improve your language performance. Understanding the use of noun, verbs, adverb, adjective, phrase or clause helps you to write English better. For example, to write a letter, you need to know the rule of sentence structure, the rule of words order like OPSHACOM. Further more, writing requires a lot of mental effort. Most English learners do their writing tend to make mistake and misuse of grammar rules, which are very easy to recognize.

Knowing basic grammar is an important tool for readers to understand what they are reading. It is considered to be a handle of literature. News, stories or poems have a lot of long sentence. Using grammar to defind which one is subject, verb, object, phrase or adverbial clause. By analyzing the grammar of sentences and paragraphs, the readers can understand what they read better.

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