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Preposition Collocations with the verb “Be”

Preposition Collocations with “Be”



be absent from

be absolved of

be accepted as/to

be according to

be accused of

be accustomed to

be acquainted with

be adamant about

be addicted to

be affected by

be afraid of

be after

be alarmed at

be aligned with

be (all) set for

be amazed at/by

be an authority on

be angry about/at/with

be annoyed at/with

be anxious about

be appropriate for

be armed with

be around

be arrested for

be ashamed of

be associated with

be astonished at/by

be at it (again)

be attached to

be attracted to

be aware of

be away from


be back (from)

be bad at

be bad for

be banned from

be based (up)on

be behind (schedule)

be bent on

be biased about

be big on

be blamed for

be blessed with

be bored with

be bound for


be capable of

be carried away about/with

be caught up in

be centered around

be certain of

be charged with

be classified as

be clear about

be clear to

be clever at

be close to

be cluttered (up) with

be a combination of

be compared to

be compensated for

be composed of

be comprised of

be concerned about/with

be confident of

be confused about

be congratulated for/on

be connected to/with

be conned into

be considerate of

be considered for

be content with

be contrary to

be convenient for/to

be convinced of

be convicted of/for

be coordinated with

be covered with

be crammed into

be crazy about

be credited with

be criticized for/as

be crowded with


be dedicated to

be delighted with

be dependent (up)on

be devoted to

be different from/than

be disappointed about/at/in/with

be discouraged about

be discriminated against

be disgusted with

be disillusioned with

be disqualified for

be disposed of

be distinguished from

be divided into

be divorced (from)

be done with

be down

be down on/with

be dragged into

be dressed (up) in

be drunk with/on


be east of

be elected as/to

be eligible for

be embarrassed about/at

be encouraged by

be entailed in

be engaged to/in

be entrusted with

be envious of

be equal/equivalent to

be equipped with

be estranged from

be evicted from

be excited about

be expelled from


be faithful to

be faced with

be familiar with/to

be famous for

be fanatic(al) about

be fascinated with

be fed up with

be filled with

be finished with

be fired for/from

be followed by

be fond of

be for the sake of

be fraught with

be free from/of

be friendly to/with

be frightened by/at

be full of

be furnished with


be glad to

be good at

be good to

be gone to/with

be grateful for/to

be guilty of


be half-hearted about

be hailed as

be happy about/with

be hard on

be headed for/to/toward

be hired as/for

be hitched to


be immersed in

be imposed (up)on

be impressed by/with

be in

be in accordance with

be in agreement with

be an indication of

be an issue of

be in back of

be in bed with

be in cahoots with

be in charge of

be in common with

be in conjunction with

be in contact with

be in control of

be in danger of

be in exchange for

be in favor of

be in front of

be in honor of

be in hope(s) of

be in love with

be in need of

be in on

be in place of

be in possession of

be in proximity to

be in reference to

be in regard to

be in response to

be in return for

be in search of

be in store for

be in sync with

be in tandem with

be in the habit of

be in the middle of

be in the midst of

be in the vicinity of

be in time for

be in touch with

be in trouble with/for

be in tune with

be incensed with

be inducted into

be inferior to

be infested with

be informed about

be innocent of

be insecure about

be insistent (up)on

be interested in

be into

be involved in

be irritated at/with

be isolated from


be jealous of


be kind of

be kind to

be knowledgeable about

be known as/for


be labeled as

be leery of

be left of/with

be less than

be limited to

be located at/near

be lower than


be mad at/about

be made of/from

be married to

be a matter of

be the matter with

be mean to

be meant to

be a measure of

be mindful of

be more than


be named as/after

be next to

be nice to

be notorious for

be north of

be nuts about


be obedient to

be oblivious about/to

be obsessed with

be obvious to

be off

be okay with

be on

be on behalf of

be on the brink of

be on the edge of

be on the verge of

be on time for

be on to

be on top of

be open about/for/to

be opposed to

be opposite from

be oppressed by

be out

be out of

be out of concern for

be out of contact with

be out of sync with

be out of touch with

be outraged about

be outspoken about

be over with


be parallel to

be partial to

be patient with

be a pattern of

be pegged as

be perturbed at/about

be pleased with

be polite to

be popular with

be praised for/about

be precious to

be preoccupied with

be prepared for

be prohibited from

be promoted to

be provided with

be proud of

be psyched about

be punished for

be put off by


be qualified for

be a question of


be ready for

be regarded as

be related to

be relevant to

be relieved of

be remembered for

be rescued from

be reserved for

be responsible for

be retired from

be rid of

be rife with

be right to

be riled up (about)

be roped into

be rude to


be satisfied with

be saved from

be scared of

be selected as/for

be sensible about

be separated from

be set on

be shocked at

be short of

be sick of/about

be a sign of

be similar to

be soft on

be sorry about/for

be sort of

be south of

be specialized in

be spoken for

be startled at

be strange to

be a stranger to

be stressed out about

be stuck on/with

be stunned at

be subject to

be sufficient for

be suitable for

be superior to

be sure of

be surprised at/about

be suspected of

be suspended from

be a symbol of


be taken aback by/at

be taken in by

be tantamount to

be tapped as/by

be terrified of/with

be there for

be a threat to

be through with

be ticked off about

be tired of

be tuned (in)to

be to the left of

be to the right of


be uncalled for

be under arrest

be under fire for

be under investigation for

be up against

be up front with

be up in arms about

be up on

be up to

be upset about/with

be uptight about

be used for

be used to

be useful to


be valued as/at

be vindicated of


be wary of/about

be west of

be whipped into

be wiped out

be with it

be with reference to

be with respect to

be worked up about

be worried about

be wrapped up in

be wrong with


be zealous about

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