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Yes / No Questions

yes no question
Do you agree with the new action plan?

Yes/no question is also called short question. It is the kind of question that we can answer with yes or no.

  • Are you tired? – Yes, I am.
  • Do you like apple? – No, I don’t.
  • Have you seen my new car? – Yes, I have.
  • Will you come to my house tomorrow? Yes, I will come.

We use yes/no questions to ask for information. Sometimes, we use them to give suggestions, offering, inviting, requesting or asking permission…

Suggesting:Shall we go to the cinema this evening?
Offering:Can I give you a hand?
Requesting:Could you please take me to the airport?
Inviting:Would you like to join our picnic this weekend?
Asking permission:May I borrow your pen?


What is the structure of yes/no question?

To make a question, we need an auxiliary verb (helping verb). Auxiliary verb comes before the subject.

We can use modal verb, will, shall, be or have as an auxiliary verb. (Modal verbs are “can, could, may, might, must, ought to, will, shall, would”)

Auxiliary verb “Do”Do you go to the dancing club with me?
To beAre you happy with your marriage?
To haveHave you any books?
Modal verb “can”Can you turn off the TV please?
WillWill you come early to work tomorrow?


More examples:

  • She is our new teacher => Is she our new teacher?
  • He runs around the lake every morning => Does he run around the lake every morning?
  • They did their homework. => Did they do their homework?
  • You haven’t seen the that horror movie. => Haven’t you seen that horror movie?
  • We could have done better. => Could we have done better?
  • He can’t become the future president. => Can’t he become the future president?


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