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IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 – Emails and Letters

IELTS speaking questions | emails, letters and handwritten letters

Letters & Emails

The words, ‘an email’ or ’emails’ and the words, ‘a letter’ or ‘letters’ might be interchangeable for some of these questions.

Your Letter-writing or Email-writing Habits

Do you like to write letter and/or emails?
Do you often write letters or emails?
Do you write many letters or emails?
How often do you write a letter or email?
Who do you usually write to and what do you write about?
Is it hard to think of what to write?
How do you feel when you receive letters or emails?
What kinds of emails (or letters) do you most like receiving? (Why?) (= What kinds of emails/letters make you happy?)


Do you often write (or, send) emails?
What do you write about?
Do you think emails are useful?
What role do emails (or letters) play in your life? ( = Why do you write these emails or letters?)
What kinds of emails do you send and receive? (Business emails? Personal emails?)
Who do you send emails to?
Do you think it is a good thing that some companies send out letters/spam emails for the purpose of advertising?


How often do you write letters?
What do you write about?
On what occasions do you write letters?
Do you like writing letters to your relatives and friends? (Why?/Why not?)
Do you and your friends keep in touch by (handwritten) letter?
How do you keep in touch with (= keep in contact with) your friends and relatives? (… by email, letter, by phone or some other way?)

Different Kinds of Letters (and Emails)

What (do you think) is the most difficult kind of letter (or email) to write? (Why?)
In what situations do you write to (or email) a friend?
What sorts of letters (or emails) do you think are the most difficult to write?
Which do you think is easier to write, a letter or an email?
What sorts of letters or emails are the most difficult to reply to?
What kinds of emails (or letters) do you receive that make you feel excited?

Comparing Different Forms of Communication

Phone versus Email

Do you usually write letters to people or do you usually use a cell-phone or email?
When you communicate with people, do you prefer to write a letter, write an email or call on your cell-phone? (Why?)
Which do you prefer, to make a phone call or write an email? (Why?)
How do you prefer to contact people, by email or by phone? (Why?)
Do you prefer to receive a phone call or a letter?

Email versus face-to-face speaking

How do you communicate with others at work – by email or is it more convenient to communicate face-to-face?

Email versus (handwritten) letters

Do you prefer to write letters or emails? (Why?)
Compare emails and (handwritten) letters.
What are the differences between handwritten letters and emails?
What are the differences between emails and letters?
Do you think there are any (possible) negative points about emails?
Do you think emails might one day replace handwritten letters?

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