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IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 – Reading Books

IELTS speaking questions about reading/books

Reading Habits

Do you like reading? [Why?/Why not?]
Is reading books important for you now?
Do you read a lot nowadays?
How much reading do you do everyday?
When did you learn to read?
What (kinds of ) books do you like to read?
What (kinds of ) books do read for enjoyment?
What kinds of books (or, what kinds of things) do you usually read?
What kinds of things do you like reading?
What types of things (books) do you dislike reading?
Are there any types of book you dislike reading?
How much time each day do you spend reading?
How often do you read?
How many hours a day would you say you spend on reading?
Where do you usually read?
What books have you read recently?
What’s the most recent book you’ve read?
Do you do much reading at work?
Since you started working, have you continued to read as much as you did when you were a student?
When you start working, do you think you’ll spend as much time reading as you do now?

Reading in General (General Reading Habits)

In general, do adults today (in your country) like reading?
What reading materials do different kinds of people like?
What kinds of books do average adults in yourcountry read?
Do you think adults should read more?

Childhood Reading

Did you like reading when you were a child? [What did you read then?]
Did you read much in your childhood?
What (kinds of) books did you like reading when you were a child?
When you were young, what books (or, what kinds of books) made the greatest impression on you?
What reading materials do young people (e.g. aged 15 to 25) like to read?
Do (young) children like reading books?
Do children (aged 4 to 12) (or, young people) in your country today like reading? [Why?/Why not?)]
Do you think children like reading nowadays? [Why?/Why not?]
What sorts of things do children like to read?
What sorts of things (or, books) do children (in your country) like to read?
Do you think it’s important for children to read?
Do you think children today should spend more time reading?
What would you say is a suitable amount of time for children to spend reading each day?
For children, what are the benefits of reading?
What do you think are the benefits of reading to children? (someone else reading while the child listens)
Do you think children should learn to read at an earlier age than they do now?

The Importance of Reading

What types of people like reading?
Why do some people dislike reading?
Do you think reading is important? [Why?/Why not?]
What is the function of (the purpose of) reading?
Would you ever give a book as a gift to one of your friends?
Have you ever given a book as a gift to a friend?
Do you think a ‘book club’ (where people discuss & exchange books) is a good idea?


Would you like to write a book?
Do you like receiving a book as a gift?
Would you like to receive a book as a gift?
How would you feel if someone gave you a book as a gift?
Do you think it’s important to have public libraries?
Do you think the government has a responsibility to provide public libraries for everyone?

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