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Lesson 1 – Speaking Practice

Speaking Practice

1. Greetings and Introduction

Listen and Read


A: Hello. I’m Carmen.

B: Hi, Carmen. I’m Mark.

A: Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you, too.

2. More Greetings and Introductions

Listen and Read

A: Mark, this is Bruno. Bruno, this is Mark.

B: Hi, Mark, Nice to meet you.

C: Nice to meet you, too.

3. Practice your speaking

Choose the name of a famous person. Use that name and introduce “yourself” to other students.


A: Hi, I’m ………

B: Hi, ………. I’m ……… I’m from ………

A: I’m from ……….

Work with other partner. Try to remember the name of the person you talked to. When you talk about the other students. Use he’s, she’s, they’re.

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