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Asking for Information

Girl doing her homework at the kitchen table while her mother helps.

Asking for information is a way to improve skills and get more the details when you are in an English conversation. Try to give smart questions.

1. What is this?

2. What is that?

3. What’s this?

4. What’s that?

5. What are these?

6. What are those?

7. Where is Mr. King?

8. Where is Ms. Knight?

9. Where’s Johnny?

10. When’s the movie?

11. When’s lunch?

12. How is the food?

This is a table.

That is a chair.

It’s a pen.

It’s an apple.

These are pencils.

Those are books.

He is over there.

She’s (right) here.

He’s in the house.

It’s at 9:00.

Lunch is at noon.

It’s delicious.


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