Describing People

Portrait of young man in office next to wall presentation

Ways for describing people

A group of words and adjectives that are used for describing people’s personality and appearance with simple example sentences.

Personality and Appearance Description
1.Tell me about your father.
What kind of person is he?
Well, he’s very friendly, smart and funny.
2. What does he look like? He’s young, short and handsome.
He has straight black hair and green eyes. 
3. What does your mother look like? She’s tall, thin and beautiful.
She has blonde hair and wears glasses.
4. How about your little sister? She has curly red hair and a cute smile.
Everybody likes her.


Clothing Description
5. What is your brother wearing? He’s wearing light brown pants and an orange t-shirt.
6. What kind of shoes does he have (on)? Sneakers, and he’s wearing white socks.
7. Is Susan wearing a dress? No. She’s wearing a blue skirt and a yellow blouse.
8. Anything else? Yes. She’s wearing boots and carrying a purse.