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Simple Questions

Building blocks - Simple questions

Forming the simple questions

How to make simple questions. Let’s learn how you can improve your English speaking skill with simple sentences. Listen and learn with samples.

Very Simple Questions – Yes/No Questions
Are you from Canada?Yes, I am.
Is he a doctor?No, he isn’t.
Is this free?Yes, it is.
Do you like apples?Yes, I do.
Does she live in New Orleans?No, she doesn’t
More examples of – Yes/No Questions
Is she going to the dance?Yes, she is.
Are they flying home?No, they’re taking the bus.
Are you coming to the party?No, I have other plans.
Examples of simple – Wh- questions
What do you do (as an occupation)?I’m a computer programmer.
What do you do on the weekends?I usually stay home and watch television.
Where are you from?I’m from Ontario, California.
Where do you live?I live in Arizona.
How do you say that in English?I live at the Chateau Apartments.
How do you spell your name?I don’t know.S-I-M-O-N.
How do you know Mr. Amos?He’s my teacher.

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